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  • Muhammad Hanzala Khan


    The plugin makes everything simple and easy!

    The plugin is amazing and simple to use. Instead of using integration code and facing issues, the plugin makes everything simple and easy. It is the best WordPress plugin in the market to integrate BotPress chatbot. Great experience!

  • Lisa Turner

    Turner Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing Specialist


    Has been a game-changer

    I’m always looking for ways to boost user interactions on our clients’ websites. The WPBotpress plugin has been a game-changer, allowing us to integrate Botpress bots into WordPress platforms easily.

  • Theo Du Toit




    An amazing plugin!

    I needed to display my bot on one of my website pages and it did just that !!! I highly recommend this guy.

  • Rafael Delbecq


    I recommend 100%

    Very easy to use and very effective. I recommend 100%

  • Sophia Lee

    Marketing Manager


    Helped Our Agency

    The WPBotpress plugin has helped our agency to upscale our digital offerings. We’ve been able to effortlessly integrate Botpress chatbots into our clients WordPress sites.

  • Jake Wilson

    Wilson Web Solutions

    Web Developer


    Must-Have Tool!

    I found WPBotpress to be a lifesaver. It allowed me to install chatbots into my WordPress projects without any coding hassles. The user-friendly settings and seamless integration have made it a must-have tool.

  • Laura Smith


    Simplified My Chatbot Installs

    This plugin has simplified adding Voiceflow on to our WordPress sites. It’s a no-code solution that is seamless. I highly recommend WPVoiceflow!

  • Mark Williams

    Williams Tech Solutions

    Lead Developer


    Plugin Has Been a Game-Changer

    The WPVoiceflow plugin has been a game-changer, allowing us to install Voiceflow into our WordPress projects easily.

  • David Kim

    Freelance Web Designer


    Reliable and Safe Plugin

    I prioritize the reliability and safety of the plugins I use. The WPVoiceflow plugin has been a dependable and secure addition to my toolkit.

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    Our templates are made for Voiceflow or Botpress.

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    Most times it is because of the cache. Please clear the website cache, and if you are still experiencing problems please contact us

    Not as a general rule due to the nature of the template file, please contact us and we will work with you to address any concerns you have.

    Safety first! Our plugins adhere to WordPress’s highest security standards, offering robust protection against potential vulnerabilities.

    Our plugins are designed for hassle-free chatbot integration on WordPress sites. Say goodbye to manual code entries; just input the bot ID, save, and watch your chatbot come to life seamlessly.

    Absolutely! Our plugins are crafted to be compatible across all WordPress versions, ensuring smooth functionality.

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