Alex HormoziAI: Business Advisor

Post Updated: November 24, 2023

The Alex HormoziAI Business Advisor is a free, automated consultation bot designed to emulate the expertise of entrepreneur Alex Hormozi.

  • Checkmark-124/7 Advice Access
  • Checkmark-1200+ Hours of Content
  • Checkmark-1Automated Hormozi Expertise

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Alex Northstar

AI Educator / Chatbot Developer

Northstar Brain

Template Description

The Alex HormoziAI Business Advisor bot offers users 24/7 access to business advice by simulating the insights of Alex Hormozi, a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Developed by Alex Northstar, the bot encapsulates over 200 hours of content from Hormozi’s books, tweets, posts, and talks, providing valuable consultation without the hefty price tag of $9000/hour.

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