J. ClearAI: Habit Coach

Post Updated: November 24, 2023

The J. ClearAI Habit Coach is a webchat-based bot designed to help users fix their habits and life in three months, inspired by James Clear’s principles.

  • Checkmark-1Inspiration From "Atomic Habits"
  • Checkmark-1Over 250 Hours of Curated Content
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Free to Use!

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Alex Northstar

AI Educator / Chatbot Developer

Northstar Brain

Template Description

Created by Alex Northstar, the J. ClearAI Habit Coach bot encapsulates 250 hours of content derived from tweets, posts, and talks related to James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits.” It’s a comprehensive tool built to provide round-the-clock assistance for habit improvement, offering users the chance to engage with the distilled wisdom of James Clear’s work through an interactive, automated experience.

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